Dim-Sum Yum!

One evening my sister-in-law decided to put her thermomix to the test try making some dim-sum for dinner. For a first attempt at BBQ buns and gyozas it was quite impressive, but like every first attempt of cooking a new dish there were -as expected- some hits and misses.

Just over a week later whilst trawling through Facebook I stumbled across a post from a company called Red Hot Spatula offering a dim-sum/yum-cha cooking class for only $60! Coming from a European background I’ve never had the chance to learn many Asian cooking recipes and techniques myself, but this has not stopped my love and appreciation for Sunday dim-sum from growing. So I quickly grabbed my sister-in-law and booked us 2 places.

Finally the day came, we packed our chopping boards and knives and headed off to Swan View. I had been corresponding with Yvonne who runs the cooking classes (and catering) with her mum Taryn, butstill had no idea what to expect. We turned up at 6pm on the dot and kicked the class off right away. There were 5 other ladies participating in the class, all with different cooking abilities.
A class of 7 –with 2 instructors- turned out to be a great number for the class.

Dim-Sum2Dim-Sum3We all sat down whilst Yvonne handed out the recipes we’d be cooking and explained how the evening would run. We we’re encouraged to take notes and as many photos as we wanted to during the process. We got ourselves into pairs and were asked to each select one of the following dishes: Prawn Gyozas, Char Siew Bao (Chinese BBQ Pork Buns), Glutinous Rice Wrapped in Lotus Leaf and Siew Mai. Needless to say it took me the whole of 2 seconds to jump at the chance to learn to make Chinese BBQ Pork Buns. And so kicked off 2 hours of cooking, laughing and delicious-ness.

Yvonne first went through many of the ingredients we’d be using along with throwing in a lot of tips about the ingredients and brands as well as shopping for the products. In our teams of 2 we all began our dishes.
We shared a communal bench in the centre of the kitchen which allowed us to view and interact with all the 
participants and the dishes they were creating. So whilst we were waiting for our dough to rise and pork to cool we were able to jump around to another group and have a go at putting together their dishes. Everyone was friendly, really getting into the class and enjoying themselves.

My favourite part of course had to be the conclusion, where all the completed dishes were placed on the table and we all got to tuck into our creations.

My favourite dish as you can expect were the Pork Buns. The flavour of the pork was the same as –if not better than – that you’d get from your favourite Chinatown store or dim-sum restaurant. The texture of the dough was to die for and complimented the filling well. (And yes, me & my sister-in-law did make them).


The class was truly brilliant. Both Yvonne and Taryn were very insightful, helpful and created a great learning environment. The classes were very hands on and small meaning that we could ask questions and get help when required as well as getting stuck right into it and being able to to take part in the creation of every dish even if it was in some small way. Yvonne offered advice during the class and drew our attention to the noteworthy parts of each dish.
Dim-Sum10 IMAG0176
For more information regarding the classes visit:Where some classes cost $120, this class only cost $60, and where some classes are spilling out the door, not allowing you be hands on, this class was small and hands on so you left full of new skills, knowledge and with of course a full belly.

http://www.redhotspatula.com.au  or http://www.facebook.com/RedHotSpatula


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