The Night I Fell In Love At Mosmans

“First of all congratulations for winning the facebook competition and Happy Birthday!!! You had a great idea and we will cook YOUR dish and offer it on the special’s board as of next week.” I couldn’t believe it, my favourite salmon dinner was going to be put on the Mosmans Autumn Special menu and sold to the people in the city I love.
Whilst invited to and missing the Autumn tasting I was offered to attend a dinner service during the week and have the opportunity to try the menu that my dish had made home. I had always wanted to eat at Mosmans could never find a reason for such indulgence. Finally the day I had been waiting for came. On a gorgeous Thursday night I put on a dress and heading over to Mosmans with a friend. Walking in I couldn’t believe my eyes, the gorgeous restaurant was only surpassed by the picturesque Swan River it was surrounded by. 


The restaurant windows -which stretch across the entire restaurant- were wide open, allowing the ever gentle breeze to flow in and gave you the feeling of floating on water. The restaurant was quiet, and that to me was perfect. We were greeting, congratulated and seated immediately by some of the friendliest staff I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.  We were attended to throughout the evening, and every request was met quickly and politely. We began with wine –of course. My friends wine was unfortunately not available so another wine was suggested and provided complimentary, which was a perfect reflection of the great service we received throughout the evening. 



And so began an evening I will never forget. Opening the menu there was so many sessional dishes to choose from, and there it was the joy of seeing my salmon dish on the menu… which I knew I’d be ordering from the get go. We decided to indulge ourselves and started withhalf a dozen natural oysters with fresh lemon & Lucky Bay scallops with crumb and wasabi mayonnaise.The oysters were fresh and juicy, each one bursting in my mouth like the Australia Day fireworks.The scallops were cooked perfectly. They melted in my mouth along with the buttery crumb and the final kick of the wasabi mayonnaise. This really was indulgence at its finest.


P1010018Then there was the main, gorgeous and fresh. I had ordered the barramundi , pumpkin and rocket for my friend and the baked salmon fillet, kaffir lime salt, mashed potatoes, wilted spinach, tzatziki for myself. The skin on the salmon was crispy, the salmon cooked perfectly, the mash was creamy and the kaffir lime salt was something to die for. It had a real kick that complimented the clean flavour of the salmon and mash well. My friends barramundi was just as delightful. The fish was cooked well and served on a generous bed of pumpkin. The creamy and flavourful pumpkin and sauce was a die for.

And so came dessert. After the most gorgeous entrée and mains I was expecting nothing short of the best, and sure enough Mosmans delivered. We ordered the Assiette of Chocolate with chocolate and hazelnut mousse, white chocolate creme brulee and 70% bitter chocolate sorbet. (gf) Designed to share!. Each dish on the plate had its own unique flavours and tastes. The 70% bitter chocolate sorbet was the king of the ice-cream world.


The well balanced dark chocolate flavour stayed on your tongue long after it had melted away on your tongue. The white chocolate creme  brulee had a crispy sugar caramel top which cracked when tapping your spoon through it. Under neither it relieved a rich custard with a delicate flavour and idealistic texture. Finally the chocolate and hazelnut mousse . Rich, balanced and worth fighting my friend for. Each dessert was gorgeous in it’s own right and could be served on its own, but having this selection of delights, all well balanced and executed perfectly was incredible, but definitely had to be shared due to each dishes richness.

Truth be told I didn’t want to leave. I had just had the perfect dinner, in the perfect location and I hadn’t felt that truly content and happy in as long as I could remember. That dinner grabbed me by the heart in a way that I didn’t even know was possible. It was true love.

On my way out the staff –as throughout the whole evening- were delightful. But here’s the best part, as I was walking out I saw a waiter bringing my salmon dish to another couple who had ordered it for their dinner. I could have let a tear slip.

Mosmans really was perfection for me. You get what you pay for, and though it might not be suitable for an everyday meal it really will leave you feeling like a king or queen on a special day just for you. Pure luxury for the mouth and soul.


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