ROMAN II Work Lunch Fundraiser

To boost my donations I decided to take a new approach -give a little to get a little. So I chose to incorporate my love of cooking into a fundraiser.

In support of my participation of the Live Below the Line challenge I offered a home-made work lunch on Thursday April 4th to my work colleges. The cost was $5 for a container and all the profits went to Live Below the Line 2013.

I offered work colleges a selection of 4 recipes for voting. The most preferred dish (out of the 4 options below) was served on the day. The dishes for voting were as below:

Italian: Creamy Chicken & Mushroom Pasta
Indian: Butter Chicken (& Potato) Curry w/Rice
Asian: Vegetable Fried Rice
European: Creamy Pumpkin Soup w/Bread

curry lbl

Indian: Butter Chicken (& Potato) Curry w/Rice ended up winning by one vote; and so began preparations. After hearing about the fundraiser my mum decided to donate the cost of all my ingredients, meaning that the entire donated amount from the fundraiser could go to LBL. -Thanks mum, I really appreciate your support.

I cooked and packed 8 containers of curry on the Wednesday night, ready for Thursday lunch. The curry went down a treat with all my colleges, and all their funds were donated to LBL.

A big thank-you to Andrew, Bruno, Cathy, Craig, Freddy, Graham, Georgia & Mum for participating, donating and supporting me in my ROMAN II work lunch fundraiser. I really appreciate all your support.

The ROMAN II work lunch raise a total of $40 for LBL.

Live Below The Line – Update
*This recipe will be made available shortly.
*I have currently raised $135 for LBL and that number continues to grow.
*As at 06/04/2013 I am ranked 197

To donate, support, join my team or view my profile visit:


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