Sandrino – A Little Afternoon Fremantle Delight

A never ending gift from my ex, Sandrino’s in Fremantle is still one of my favourite, go-to restaurants in Perth.

I met with my girlfriends on a particularly indecisive Satuday. It was chilly outside, and here were 5 indecisive girls, all with 5 vague yet contrasting ideas of what they wanted for lunch. My solution – Sandrino. Of course the fact I was craving chilli mussels in a Napolitana sauce had no impact on my emphatic proposal that we go to Sandrino *cough cough.

As always we were greeted and seated. The menus were waiting, the specials were a list of dishes buzzing with various flavours and our waiter was on the ball… A little quirky, but great.


IMAG0394I ordered the Half Kilo – Chilli Mussels – $19 with Monique following suit. Chloe ordered the Greek Salad – $9.50 and Orange Juice. Megan has the Chicken Caesar Salad – $23 along with an Orange Juice and Elle ordered Pizza #16 – Mushroom, olives, eggplant and roasted capsicum with an additional 3 other various toppings $19.50 + 3x $1.50 and a Latte.

Whilst indulging in a chat about Grand Designs and all the grand concepts we have for our own dream homes our food began to arrive to our table. Our jaws dropped at the sight of two enormous bowls of what I believe was half a kilo of chilli mussels coming towards us. We couldn’t believe the size. I was glad I only ordered the half a kilo as the whole kilo order would have had to be served in a bucket. The salads looked crisp and the pizza was a gourmet treat the diameter of my elbow to my fingers.

Whilst our mouths drooled -we did one of the most detested things any hipster could do in a restaurant- all our phones came out. The food just looked that good! We quickly took our photos and dived into our dishes. They were delicious. Not only were the portions great, but the flavours were even greater. Needless to say the only person left eating after 15 minutes or so was me, struggling to finish my giant mound of mouth-wateringly juicy mussels. Needless to say everyone who could stomach another bite was more than willing to lend a helping mouthful. The remaining mussels were devoured and the bowl of sauce remaining sloshed up with mussel shells being used as makeshift spoons.

IMAG0391 Content with what we had accomplished we headed off, but not before we bypassed the tip jar and slipped a tip straight to our waiter… After all, he was more than willing to indulge us after a meal with a little ‘how to make the best chili mussel sauce’ chat.

Sandino – 95 Market St, Fremantle.
A great go-to restaurant for any day, night, week or weekend.
Good for either lunch or dinner.
Prices are varied and reasonable.
And you’ll always be able to find something on the menu.


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