Grizzly Update


I have just arrived back home in Perth after a short but intense trip to China and Poland – with a quick and spontaneous jump across the border into the Czech Republic for a lunch one afternoon.

The cultures, cities and of course the foods I have had the pleasure of experiencing whilst on my trip were truly incredible; A real eye opener in so many ways. I carried around a camera and notebook with me, taking a large number of notes and photos so I could share all my wonderful and sometimes bizarre experiences with you.

So over the next month or so please keep your eyes peeled for my Chinese and Polish themed blogs. I will be covering everything from the culture, to the cities to the foods –of course. As I always say, I think you can learn a lot about a country and its culture from its food. From still crawling mini-scorpion skewers from China’s street markets, to the artistic Peking duck at Beijing’s renowned Da Dong Roast Duck restaurant and the deliciously sweet and fresh Drozdzowka’s served in small town Polish bakeries. I hope to share it all with you over the next month or so, so please stay tuned.


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