Zushibento, Morley

Zushibento, Morley
Super Crispy Katsu Chicken (Take-away)
Cuisine: Japanese

wO6HJHZOHwPGJII had a craving for Katsu Chicken and some grocery shopping to do on a Saturday, so I decided to kill two birds with one stone and order a Katsu Chicken (take-away) whilst on my way into the grocery store. I had picked up a tray of sushi from here before, and I vaguely remember enjoying a bento box a couple years ago, but I am extremely glad I decided to try the Katsu Chicken this time as it was a great discovery. It was the best Katsu Chicken I have had in a long time, and especially in the area.

Service: The service was friendly and the ladies behind the counter were making fresh sushi.

Food: Katsu Chicken. $10.90
The chicken was super crispy and satisfying. The sauce was delicious, the rice was tender and the creamy majo was plentiful. Along with this, my order came with 2 pieces of California sushi, a small fresh cabbage salad, dressing and soy.

Summary: Reasonably priced. Good food. Fast service. Convenient location. Recommended for Japanese ā€“ Especially in the area.

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