Wagokoro Japanese Cuisine, Morley

Wagokoro Japanese Cuisine, Morley
Friendly Service, Average Meal.
Cuisine: Japanese

As much as I wanted to love this place I ended up a little disappointed with my meal.


Service: I called at 2pm and ordered my take-away for 2.30pm. The gentleman who took my call was polite. My food was made on time and looked delicious.

Food: I ordered the Chicken Katsu (Lunch Take-Away) $9.50 with majo. The presentation of the bento-box was lovely. Unfortunately for such a large potion of rice their was only 5 pieces of chicken (totalling not more than the palm of my hand). So whilst the chicken, salad and dressing where nice the ratio of chicken to rice meant I was left with a large quantity of plain rice. They had also forgotten my majo and there was no soy which was a shame.

Summary: It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great. If I hadn’t known any better I might have enjoyed my meal, however I had recently had a very delicious Chicken Katsu from a competitor close by. So whilst the service was lovely I might wait to see if they eventually increase their meat servings before coming back.

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