Guide To China In One Week – Day 4

Day 4 – Xi’an. Step Outside the City

After a day of exploring the city of Xi’an it is time to step out from the city and into the famous and historical surrounding areas of Xi’an.

Terracotta Warriors (morning/afternoon)

P1000437The Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses are the must see destination for anyone travelling to Xi’an. Said to be one of the most significant archaeological excavations of the 20th century work on the Terra Cotta Warriors is on-going. This means when you visit you will be able to see areas of completely restored warriors, warriors in the process of being excavated and large untouched areas giving you a real appreciation of the sheer scale of the Terra Cotta Warriors. This is something not to be missed by any one visiting China.


There are 3 pits to visit and just like everywhere in China, there are people everywhere. Please note there is a bit of a walk from the car park to the pits, however along the way you will be able take in the lovely views of the mountains as well as walking past the numerous ‘souvenir opportunities’ and market stall owners try to sell you their bits and pieces (as they do everywhere in China).

Tickets for the Terra Cotta Warriors will set you back CNY120-150 depending on the time of year you visit.

Mount Huashan (morning/afternoon)

Providing some of the most scenic views, Mount Huashan sees endless adventurers trek the area. With five separate peaks there is plenty to trek, see and enjoy. Temples offer wonderful stopping points and there are plenty of scenic areas to relish in. Keen trekkers seeking a special treat can head up to the East Peak for the sunrise then visit the other 4 peaks after. For those of us seeking an easier alternative to the long trek you are able to take a cable car ride up the mountain instead.

P1000434Entrance Fee (including main peaks scenic area, Jade Spring Temple, Xianyu Scenic Area and Xiyue Temple) is CNY100 to CNY 180 depending what time of year you visit.

Cable Car from Donggoukou to White Sparrow Temple to West Peak will cost you CNY70/80 for a half way ride to CNY 120/140 for one way.

Cable Car from Wamiao Gou to North Peak will set you back CNY45/80 for one way to CNY80/150 for a round trip.

Tang Dynasty Dumpling Dinner and Show (evening)

DSC00430P1000376This show is an entertaining way to learn a little about the history of Xi’an and the Tang Dynasty. The performance if full of vibrant costumes, colourful dance and traditional music, many of which have been around for centuries. With the show you can purchase a dumpling banquet which comes out before the show. The dumplings are incredible, coming in various shapes (eg. The duck filled dumpling was shaped like a yellow duck) colours and sizes. They are handmade and filled with countless flavoursome fillings which the waiter explains to you. It’s the ultimate dumpling dim sum. There is more than one dinner and show package available, my favourite of course being the dumpling banquet with the show.

P1000393Costs vary depending on the dinner and show combination you select.
The Dynasty dinner with Tang music and dance performance is RMB 500 per person, the Dumpling Banquet with Tang music and dance performance is RMB 370 per person and the Champagne Show is RMB 220 per person.
You can make an online reservation here.

To view Guide To China In One Week – Day 3 please visit:


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