Pizza Bella Roma, Fremantle

Pizza Bella Roma, Fremantle
Not my cup of tea.
Cuisine: Italian/Pizza

I frequently indulge and have dinner in Fremantle. I came here after looking at the vast pizza and pasta selection on the menu and I thought I would give it a try.

Atmosphere: I found the décor was very unpleasant like a cheap café, and the food was not any better.

Food: I ordered garlic bread and a vegetarian pizza with pumpkin and olives only to find all of it extremely bland.

Price: The pricing of this bland pizza did not sit well with me.

Being in the centre of Fremantle there are many surrounding restaurants offering much more appetizing food with a more pleasant experience. With its 3 pizza sizes ranging from small to family and basic pizza I can see why the restaurants clientèle was mostly families with young children.

Summary: Pizza Bella Roma is the perfect to bring your children for dinner, but if you are after a warmer atmosphere, a nice glass of wine or food with flavour this really will not be your cup of tea and it really isn’t mine.

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