MYO QV1, Perth CBD

MYO QV1, Perth CBD
Fantastic for a healthy office lunch.
Cuisine: Sandwich/Salad

This was my very first MYO experience and it was a very good one at that. The selection of sandwich, wrap, roll, turkish bread, salad or pizza was a great start. Then the large selection of fillings and excellent choices of condiments really sealed the deal. I came down between 12:30-1:00pm and it was surprisingly quiet. All the customers (mostly business men) knew exactly what they were after and moved along as if it was a conveyor belt. The food was is great price for what you get. I made a wrap that was stuffed to the brim with delicious ingredients. There were two ladies wrapping at the counter and the lady I had was friendly and well skilled with her wrapping. She managed to get all the ingredients into my over following wrap (which I didn’t think was possible). I was with my boyfriend who made a turkish bread but was served by another lady who appeared to be new. The sandwich she wrapped had the ingredients falling out as soon as he went to eat the turkish bread, but it was still delicious. The only other minor let down was that the beetroot container was empty (and I am a fanatic), luckily the lack of one ingredient didn’t matter when faced with the 2 long buffet tables full of other ingredients. MYO is fantastic for a healthy office lunch if you work in the city. I highly recommend MYO. I will be back.

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