European Delights Cafe, Morley

European Delights Cafe, Morley
European Food Delights really is a whole-some, family run delight.
Cuisine: Eastern European

Heading home from the beach on a scorching afternoon I decided to swing by Coventry Village to pick up some fresh bread, but my stomach had a different idea. My grumbling stomach led me to try European Food Delights, where I had purchased from Polish paczki (Polish donuts) from previously. I am a sucker for traditional Polish food & this place offers quality, home-made European food at an extremely reasonable price.

Ordered: 6x Ruskie Pierogi (cheese & potato pierogi/dumpings) pan-fried.

Cost: $7 +$1 for pan-fried

From the get go the service was great. Kind & friendly. I believe the lady who served me is one of the owners (the daughter) from the Polish family that run the place. Straight after my order was placed I could hear my pierogi being pan-fried in the kitchen. Upon serving my meal the lady asked if I’d like a fresh beetroot & bean salad on the side for free… An offer I kindly accepted. The pierogi were the real deal. Home-made, full of cheese (they didn’t just fill them with potato like many places do to save a couple dollars). The side salad was a great addition. Full of flavour & free, so definitely no complaints here. The place was quiet (just as the entire markets were), the only another people were an elderly couple were sharing a large dish & a family. The venue isn’t anything fancy, just simple, no frills, plastic chairs & tables inside the café itself & outside the café in the market. If you are expecting a fancy restaurant then I recommend going elsewhere, but what I have discovered is that for the same cost of feeding myself at many of the more popular restaurants out the front of the market I can feed a family for 4 & with a wholesome meal! It truly beats slaving over the stove on a scorching Aussie summers day. I love the fact it is run by a real Polish family too, so you know the foods going to be the real deal. European Food Delights really is a whole-some, family run delight.

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