Foo Wah Seafood Chinese Restaurant, Canning

Foo Wah Seafood Chinese Restaurant, Canning
Bring Friends & Family for a Casual Dinner.
Cuisine: Chinese

Bring Friends & Family for a Casual Dinner.

I went along on a Sunday night for dinner for 9 people.

The first thing you will notice is that it’s tucked away from any major ‘food hub’ location, so if you are going here for dinner don’t expect to go out elsewhere in the area after.

Atmosphere: The restaurant itself isn’t anything fancy, but a great casual place to take friends or family.

Service: The service is quick; We managed to get our food, eat, chat & leave in 1 hour… Though there was no trade-off on the quality of food.

Food: For 9 people we ordered 2x Combination/Banquet Entrée, 9 mains, plain rice and tea to share between us. This proved to be more than enough. The food had good portion sizes & was good quality Asian food. The deep fried food was light & crispy, rather than being oily which was delightful. Tasty & full of variety, the spinning plate in the middle of the table was constantly turning as we were all trying to grab a piece of every dish.

Summary: Some of our diners were fussy eaters, and some of us weren’t, yet we all left full & happy.
Definitely worth grabbing some friends or family for a casual dinner. Give it a try if you are in the area.

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