Jus Burgers, Leederville

Jus Burgers, Leederville
I’m JUS not that into you.
Cuisine: Burgers

A trend that hasn’t seemed to slow, the last couple years have seen gourmet burgers sprout up all over Perth. One of these gourmet burger joints is Jus Burgers. Located in Northbridge, Subiaco, Fremantle and (my local) Leederville. Right near my workplace I’ve made my way down to Jus Burgers for both lunch and take-away. After my first (lunch) experience left a bit to be desired, my second (take-away) experience hasn’t particularly inspired me into changing my mind or wanting to return again.

jus chickpea

Atmosphere: A bit of a tight store with a trendy interior. I can’t quite put my finger on it but there’s something a little meh about it.

Price: Ranging from their $10 lunch burgers to their $16.50 steak, the pricing is right on par with its competitors. However, you can follow their Facebook page where you will be able to see their daily ‘mates rates’ offer (a particular $10 burger) each day in store.

Service: Simple and nothing fancy… You walk in, and order at the counter. You will usually need a table to order which may be a problem during busier times.
Food: Gourmet ingredients, flavoursome combinations yet the burgers leave something to be desired. Every time I’ve had one the burgers that sound so inspirational on paper come off tasting, well, more like the paper.

Summary: What can I say, with so much competition at the same price offering the same style of burger I can’t help but say I’m not going to be overly sad to walk by this place.

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