Guide To China In One Week – Day 5

Day 5 – Bejing. City and Surrounds.

A city well known throughout the world for its historical significance, this hugely populated city and surrounding provide sights from palaces, temples and gardens to political and historical squares.

P1000564 P1000567 P1000575 P1000577 P1000596 P1000602 P1000614 P1000626Tiananmen Square (morning)
Well known all over the world, Tiananmen Square is the large city square in the center of Beijing. It is large and impressive with crowded to can match. Being of historical rather than scenic in value, I recommend brushing up on its history, or going along with a tour guide that can help provide you with the historical information that makes Tiananmen Square so impressive. The flag raising in the early the morning sees people flocking to the square to catch a glimpse of the ceremony. It is a great place to start your day as it will take you straight to the Forbidden City.

Forbidden City (afternoon)
Depending on the time, entrance and whether you’re travelling by yourself or with a tour guide can drastically effect your experience and queuing time, so be prepared.

It is the world’s largest palace complex covering roughly 74 hectares. Full of historical buildings, courtyards and stories it is easy to spend the good part of your afternoon here. There is even a clock museum for those interested in seeing the history of Chinese and International (British) relations from a slightly quirky point of view.

Once again I recommend doing some reading or being accompanied by a tour guide, as it is the history behind the sites that give the space its grandeur.

Entry will set you back ¥40 or ¥60 depending on the time of year you visit.

Temple of Heaven (afternoon)
Used for annual prayer ceremonies (Heaven Worship Ceremony) for good harvest, this is a wonderful place to spend an afternoon. Full of historical stories the temples are full of gorgeous architecture and design both inside and out. Walking around the parks and spaces you are met with a space full of locals indulging in leisurely activities such as music, tai-chi,  ribbon dancing and games.

Depending on the type of ticket you want (depending on what you want to see) and the time of year you visit, a ticket will set you back  ¥10 or ¥35.

Summer Palace (afternoon)
The largest and most well-preserved royal park in China, it is full of gorgeous scenic landscapes and known as being “The Museum of Royal Gardens”. Gardens, lakes, temples, halls, palaces and dragon boat rides, it is a great place to take a long walk and relax (if you can among the masses). Everywhere you look their is something naturally beautiful to see, a sharp change from the busy city. It is very easy to spend a couple hours here, if not most of a day.

Depending on the type of ticket you want (depending on what you want to see) and the time of year you visit, a ticket will set you back  ¥20 or ¥60.

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