Common Ground, Curtin University Bentley

Back in early 2013 I was raving about the Common Ground, but one year later I’m not so sure. When The Common Ground first opened its doors after taking over from Scholars it was a high quality, lecturer targeting cafe at Curtin University that was a great change from the other cafes that were targeting students. Sadly, this is no longer the case.

Atmosphere: This quiet escape is now a filled to the brim with students, though the outdoor area is still a nice place to eat on campus.

Service: The friendly staff are still pleasant but run off their feet, especially during peak hour that there is little time for pleasantries.

The food: The menu still offers a variety great options such as the vegetable stack which is full of flavour, but I think the quality of the food has changed over the past year as the dish is now very petite for the price. What really bothers me is that the burgers which use to be large gourmet stacks of flavour served on a wonderful wooden plank and steak knife are now just small one handed burgers served on plastic trays, which in my opinion is a reflection of a majority of what most of the food on the menu has become. At least the coffee is still permanent coffee on campus.

Like many places, the charm of this quaint cafe when out the window when they targeted the student market. To be honest, there is now little difference between this cafe and other places at Curtin University which makes me a little sad. I will still be coming here to grab a take-away coffee, but beyond that I’m sad to say I don’t rave about this place anymore.

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One thought on “Common Ground, Curtin University Bentley

  1. your blog is a bit wrong, common ground does not target students. students go to common ground for the same reason you did, for coffee and food, maybe this year they have more money ? maybe they are just coming in now because you dont anymore? ever consider that students might just like that place and want to sit and enjoy over priced food just like you…becasue they can? you should remove that review it makes you look dumb.

    oh and you spelt thought wrong in your header^

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