Higher Grounds (Coffee Cart), Curtin University Bentley

Coffee and studying go hand in hand, so it’s great to see a truly great coffee being offered to the lucky students at Curtin University.

IMG_20140326_082253[1]Food: Higher grounds may only offer a single size take-away coffee cup, but there’s no need to fear as no matter what coffee you ask for (my standard order is a double shot long black) it’s going to be damn delicious and seriously satisfying. And if coffee isn’t really your thing (and yes, these people actually do exist) Higher Grounds offer tea and tasty treats such as biscuits or slices.

Service: The boys running the Higher Grounds coffee cart are wonderful. They’re always cheerfully bantering on about something whilst being friendly to customers and pushing out the best coffee on campus all at the same time. One particular morning I sat beside their cart for almost an hour and couldn’t help but be impressed from the sheer amount of (what I assume were their regulars) coffee orders they knew off the top of their heads. As people came up to the cart they were instantly greeted in a friendly manner. If they were a regular the boys already knew their order and if not they had no issue quickly handling any coffee order that was thrown at them. And of course, all the customers left smiling.

Atmosphere: Many people may question how it’s possible for a coffee cart to have its own atmosphere, but these guys have proven without question that it’s very possible. This trendy little, hipsters paradise of a coffee cart pumps out funky tunes, has two great guys manning it and is surrounded by people that are so excited and satisfied that if you could sit around the cart you would for hours. Even the coffee cups haven’t been overlooked. Each coffee cup comes with a funky contemporary artistic image that you always find other people complimenting when you put your coffee down on a table.

Price: The price is on par with the various cafes on campus, yet the coffee is significantly better. The service is so great, the atmosphere around the cart so wonderful and the coffee comes to you so quickly, that you wish it was a café you could hang around in for hours.

If you haven’t noticed by now, I’m a major fan and supporter of Higher Grounds, and it looks like the word is starting to get out about this little coffee gem. It’s funny to think that currently the best coffee on campus isn’t from a permanent establishment on the campus, but from a mobile coffee cart, which may seem crazy but is very true. I’ve even begun to notice classmates during seminar breaks going out of their way to walk half the way through campus just to get a coffee from the cart. And I’m not surprised, after all, why would you want to spend the same money to buy an average coffee in an overfilled café?

On YELP!? You can find this review here.


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