Galleria Podiatry, Morley

Podiatry is one of those underrated essentials that a lot of people don’t think about but should. This great local find is once again thanks to my mum. She has been coming here for years, and after highly recommending Galleria Podiatry to me for the 100th time I went. My mum visits N.Lange regularly for callus removal etc. and always comes back pleased, whilst I’ve now visited R.Lange to get dry skin removed and get more information on replacing my orthotics. My experience of Galleria Podiatry couldn’t be better. The receptionist was polite and lovely, whilst the podiatrist was friendly and professional. She did a great job on my feet, gave me some great advice and even answered all my questions about replacing my orthotics.
I can honestly say that Galleria Podiatry is the place for me, and I’ll definitely be making it my regular.


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