Northbridge Chinese Restaurant, Northbridge

On the first Sunday of March a group of my friends decided we’d get together for dim-sum/yum-cha in Northbridge. We all have our favourite places, but the host decided we’d visit Northbridge Chinese Restaurant which I had yet to visit. We somehow managed to reserve a table for 13 people for 11:00am which I’m told is not common. A few of our guests were running late so we kept getting asked to move and whether out guests were going to arrive.

After a while the employees got so persistent and pushy about it we couldn’t work out why they were so desperate to kick us off our table even though most of us were there. What we eventually worked out was that the person who took the booking thought we’d said 30 people, so they were holding 3 big tables for us whilst the crowd waiting outside kept growing. Needless to say we all laughed it off and the serves all apologised for the misunderstanding.


After we resolved that issue we really had a wonderful time. The food kept flowing, and every server stopped at our table to ask if we wanted what they had to offer. We ended up completely stuffing ourselves with a variety of tasty dishes from BBQ pork buns to various dumplings, desserts and even chicken feet. We ended up paying just under paid $27 each for our share of food and drinks which was very reasonable with the amount of food we ordered. I’ve had quite a few dim-sum/yum-cha experiences throughout Perth and I can honestly say that Northbridge Chinese Restaurant is quite up there when it comes to the food and service. I’ll be putting it in my top 5 as I have had experienced slightly better food before (I judge this on the quality of squid tentacles which were quite hard and gummy, though the various steamed dumplings were good), but overall it’s quite a good yum-cha/dim-sum place.

Northbridge Chinese Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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