Sebastian’s Italian Cafe, East Victoria Park

Out to dinner on a Thursday night with the boyfriends family, and dare I say I wished they’d picked somewhere else.

Food: The best way to explain Sebastian’s menu is simple, common, non-offensive westernised Italian food. The kind of food children, or very plain eaters might enjoy. Everyone at the table ordered a different dish, pastas, crepes, pizzas, chicken and all if it had one thing in common… A taste of blandness and the accompanying look of disappointment on everyone’s face. The serving sizes were good, but the food was so uninspired that you didn’t really want to finish it.

I ordered the chicken with an avocado cream sauce and salad. When it came out a massive plate with 3 palm sized chicken breast pieces drowning in a thick cream sauce and a small garden salad with a punchy vinaigrette on the side was popped down in-front of me. The chicken was juicy but grilled, meaning the sauce the chicken was drowning in was going to have to carry the fish. Unfortunately, the only flavour in the sauce was from the pepper I had a server freshly grind for me from their giant novelty pepper grinder (which is more like a weapon if you ask me). The garden side salad is what you can expect, though it was worrying that the salads vinaigrette was the highlight of the meal for me as it was the only thing on my plate with any flavour. Needless to say it was so average that when it came time for dessert head across the street elsewhere.

Price: Pricing was very family friendly at about $20 for a pizza, mid-$20s for mains such as pasta or chicken and about $30 for the nicer meals such as fish and meats.

Service: The waitresses were average. Struggling to get the attention of a waitress to take out order, I watched another gentleman across the room getting slowly frustrated as he spent 5 minutes trying to do just the same. After completing our average meals our table was cleared, even though we still had a lady sitting at the table who was clearly only half way through her meal.

Atmosphere:The atmosphere was possibly the best part of the experience, though still average. Nice, easy on the eyes but nothing worth remembering.

With so many wonderful l places and restaurant options in the area, and as much as I hate to say it, I recommend taking your money elsewhere or staying in at home and cooking up some simple but tasty Italian for yourself.

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3 thoughts on “Sebastian’s Italian Cafe, East Victoria Park

  1. I’ve just been invited to this cafe for lunch. You have a whole page of writing (or whingeing) but no photos to go with your article of this cafe. Just as well precious trees weren’t chopped down to accommodate your useless whiney review. And it is people like you who have destroyed the market so people like me just don’t get any cream sauce pastas at restaurants nowadays (or if I do, there’s NOT ENOUGH SAUCE). “Thanks” but honestly, you young people should just blooming go cook for yourselves if you know so much about good food. Stop changing traditions and culture which should live on and on 😛

    • If you bothered to go on urbanspoon, you would see that this review is in line with the others (almost 200 reviews) which all say this place is CRAP. it has an average rating of 46% with very similare complaints – overpriced bowls of plain sauce etc. Just because you like it, doesn’t mean that this opinion is invalid. Also, you are very rude.

    • Hi mlna. Sorry to hear you didn’t like my review mlna. It was from a particular evening, so maybe I just had an unlucky experience. I like to think that everyone is entitled to share their opinion and thoughts though. If you have you’re own review of Sebastains I’d love to have a read and hear what your experience was like.

      Hi annoyed. Have you had a simliar experience? I too noticed the trend in their Urbanspoon posts, which does make me wonder. I can only hope they that they might take some of the common things people are saying on-board and turn the trend around.

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