Santorini Fish and Chips, Bayswater

The service here is friendly and quick. The servers are polite, nice and friendly. When I came in for my order this evening they greeted me politely and even asked if I wanted salt, vinegar or both on my chips. The food here also comes out in a suitable time. You can call in to pre-order if you don’t like to wait, but even on a busy weekend evening, the wait seems to be only 10 minutes or so. There is currently no EFTPOS available, so you do need to remember to bring cash with you.

I ordered 2 barramundi ($8.50ea), minimum chips ($3.00) and 2 pineapple fitters ($1.50ea). There was a very good serving of chips for $3.00, and they were salted just right. The batter was super crispy, the barramundi was meaty and pineapple fritters were tasty ($1.50). The chips were wrapped up separately from the fish and fritters which was wonderful. The order even came with lemon slices which were wrapped in a little plastic bag to avoid making the crispy batter soggy. It’s the little details like this that makes Santorini my local fish n’ chips shop of choice.

Another wonderful thing worth noting is that when it comes to the fish you actually have a selection. You can ask for snapper ($7.50), cobbler ($8.00), Barramundi, Spanish Mackerel, Shark (bronze) ($8.50) or emperor ($11.50) and it seems that you actually get the fish you ask for. They also have a variety of snack/additional items that are super cheap yet tasty. The menu is well priced, and there are even deals available such as kids fish & chips (6.50), fish n’ chips ($9.00), single special 1 1⁄2 fish and $3.00 chips ($12.00).

Atmosphere: Like most local fish n’ chip shops this place isn’t anything fancy, just some plastic waiting chairs, a couple magazines and a little TV in the corner… but really, what more do you need? The interior is clean and I like the fact you can see the people cook your food right behind the counter. I should mention there’s no dine-in option here, it’s purely a take-away shop.

I’ve tried a lot of my local fish n’ chip shops lately and I can honestly say that Santorini is the place I’m going to be sticking to. The service is lovely, the price is great and the food is wonderful.

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