Lawley’s Bakery Cafe, Mount Lawley

On the way home from Sculptures By The Sea (4:30pm on Sunday) my friend and I wanted to stop by Mount Lawley to grab a coffee, and I couldn’t have been happier that we decided to visit Lawleys. Normally I only stop by here for the bread, but this time I couldn’t help myself, especially after I saw there was a $5.95 coffee and cake special.


Because we were so enticed by the special we decided to ask the girl behind the counter what the cakes included were. She wasn’t sure, apologised and straight away went to grab another girl who showed the girl and told us what the cakes where. The girls were lovely and this friendly level of service continued throughout our entire experience. We had a selection of any coffee, along with either a chocolate cake or mocha cake. We both ordered the $5.95 coffee and cakes special which was perfect, especially as they were happy to make our coffees just as we liked it, including a long black with a side of milk at no extra charge. We each grabbed a different cake with the intention of sharing.


When the lady behind the register brought out our coffee and cakes (we decided to sit outside due to the lovely weather) she asked if we’d like another plate and knife so we could share our cakes, as she had heard us mention that was our plan. The coffees were delicious, and presented nicely with a rich crema and a tasty (what I remember being a) coconut shortbread biscuit on the side. The cakes were delicious; moist cakes with sweet flavoured mousse layers and the chocolate cake had a rich icing that was to die for. The servings were a good size for the rich cakes, not too big and not too small.

As we came so late in the day we noticed by the end they started closing the store, but at no point were we rushed, moved or asked to leave. The service was lovely the whole time, and the staff very friendly. The food was delicious and the pricing was even better. I simply couldn’t fault my afternoon pit-stop. I even ended up leaving with a Margarita flatbread and muffin, both of which were delicious evening treats.

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