Tanpopo, Mount Lawley

It’s crazy to think that I’ve been coming to Tanpopo for more than 10 years now. It’s even crazier to think that besides moving from the arcade across the street, the rest of Tanpopo (including the food, atmosphere and price) has managed to stay almost the same throughout those 10 or so years. Unlike the rest of Mount Lawley, Tanpopo is not an expensive, fancy, gourmet hipsters paradise. It’s a simple, cheap, yet filling student dream.

Recently a craving for Japanese saw me take a friend for a quick dinner after a long day of work, and I am glad to say she enjoyed her Tanpopo experience. She ordered Chicken Katsu Don $7.30, Edamame $2.50, Sashimi set $8.80, Miso $1.65 and grabbed a bottle of San Pellegrino. I grabbed 4 pieces of California sushi roll $3.20, Miso $1.65 and Chicken Katsu Curry and Rice $8.50. We were starving and happy that we didn’t have to wait to get served and that the food began to come out after 10 minutes of so. Our table was a rocky beast, but when you’re getting change back from $20 for dinner, I don’t think you can go complaining about plastic chairs or unfriendly furniture.

As I suspected, most food was tasty and filling, especially for the price. When it comes to Tanpopo I recommend sticking to the hot dishes, as they seem to give you a lot more flavour and bang for your buck than sushi’s or sashimi, which seemed to lack just a little in flavour. As I have said before though, it is not a fancy place. The food is not going to cause you to drop your jaw, take out your phone and post images of your meal on Facebook. But if you’re hungry, don’t mind the simple surroundings/lack of atmosphere and/or need a good feed on a budget Tanpopo is still a great place to visit. After all, I’m still coming back after 10 years so they must be doing something right.

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