Morley Dental Centre, Morley

Like most people, I am not a fan of the dentist. I’ve been to a couple over the years looking to find one that is friendly, gentle, knowledgeable, skilled and full of great advice… And I think I finally have found one.

I went to Morley Dental Centre after my mother recommended it to me. She went for a check up and clean only to come back with a great review. She then explained how the dentist had given her great advice on how to fix some of her old dental work even though an earlier dentist at another dental surgery had given her different advice which involved much more work, different dental methods and at a significantly more expensive costing. She has since proceeded with the dental work at Morley Dental Centre and couldn’t be happier.

Needless to say my experience was just as good. Getting an appointment was easy, the dental surgery and receptionist was nice, the dentist (a younger female – P.Rai) and assistant were lovely too. After she’d completed my check-up, x-rays and clean she sat down with me to discuss further dental work I require, gave me some suggestions on how to deal with my teeth at the moment as well as answering a few questions I had. Just like my mum she gave me great advice on some dental work I would like to have done. To top off my experience Morley Dental Centre is a HBF participating provider, making all that dental work extremely cheap.

I plan on going back to get the rest of my dental work done their from now on.


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