Just To Answer A Few Questions Before LBL2014 Kicks Off

*From Sunday, 04 May – https://www.livebelowtheline.com.au/blogs/3252

Finally it’s been done… I’ve hit the shops, counted my pennies, and spent a good moment staring at my food pile for the week thinking ‘why on earth am I doing this to myself again?’

So I’m going to use this post to fill you in (just in case you don’t already know) on what I’m doing, why I’m doing it, as well as answer a couple other common questions I get asked when it comes to Live Below the Line (LBL).

What are the biggest lessons I learnt from participating in LBL last year?

Taking the lessons I’d learnt from completing the challenge last year, I decided applied them to my shop this time and took a slightly different approach to my food choices. The two main lessons that are still burnt into my brain are 1) Flavour is surprisingly important, and 2) Quantity over quality is not necessarily the best way to go (though it might work for other people out there).

What did I get for my $10.00 this year?

Veggies (I really focused in on trying to make these a majority of my shop. Healthy and cheap if you know where to buy them from.)
1kg of carrots $0.69
1kg of potatos $0.74
1 onion $0.14
1 cauliflower  $1.00
1 zucchini  $0.49
(total $3.06)

Fruit (To satisfy my sweet tooth. I tried to get one piece a day.)
2 small apples  $0.56
3 small pears  $0.73
(total $1.29)

Carbs (To fill me up when potatoes just wouldn’t do. Cheap and filling.)
900g rolled oats  $1.49
500g penne pasta  $0.65
(total $2.14)

Legumes (Because protein is important.)
1 can of mixed beans  $0.80
1 can of chickpeas $0.80
(total $1.60)

Flavour/Spices (Because I couldn’t do another year of dull, lifeless food.)
1 small can of tomato paste  $0.79
1 packet of mixed herbs  $1.00
1 small dried chili  $0.09
(total $1.88)

Total $9.97

What am I actually planning to eat?

Already off the top of my head I’ve workshopped some healthy vegetarian dishes (that’s right, no meat for the week). I foresee a tomato soup in there at some point, some beans and baked potato, some roasted carrots and cauliflower and a whole lot of plain porridge.

Why on earth am I doing it?
Why not? I think it’s an interesting opportunity try to and experience something new and different. You get to learn a lot about your body, you notice nasty food habits you have (eg. Just how much food we unconsciously pick on every day), you can save a little money (from not buy food, treats and coffee. But what really makes it worthwhile is that it’s for a good cause. So that really helps keep you on track even when you’re simply ‘over it’.

What’s the hardest part for me?
3 things. 1) I’m notorious for not planning my meals and buying a lot of food on the go. 2) The smell of home-cooked dinners wafting through the house (ti’s just cruel). 3) The lack of coffee and tea (especially since I work in an office).

Now that’s all covered and I’ve stuffed my face with a final home-cooked dinner for a while I’d just like to say this one last thing, every time you have a coffee, a biscuit, a take-out dinner, lunch, breakfast, a soft drink, a chocky bar or anything with flavour, texture or variety this week, think of me staring into space in a hunger coma and donate a little money to LBL. It’s for a good cause, and the challenge itself is harder than it looks. xx

LBL Food


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