My Foodie Secret Is Out!

Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been a bit quiet recently, so I think it’s time I let you into a little secret… The Grizzly Bear Perth has decided to join forces with Coco to bring you the best of our two foodie worlds in one place. We’re hoping to launch our new food loving blog at the end of July, early August 2014. We hope to give you the best foodie reviews, recipes and experiences we have to offer, whilst offering them all with a little personal twist. So to tantalise and tease you, here’s a little insight and sneak-peak into our new blog – Coco & The Grizzly Bear.

I hope that you’ll continue to enjoy and support my work, and I look forward to continue to offer you the best foodie-ness I have to offer.

Our Story
Our food affair began when we were introduced to each other one afternoon. What started of as a ‘hi’ turned into a pint which then quickly turned into some burgers. How were we to know that over the next few years both our friendship and love of food would continue to grow to the point we started co-hosting regular dinner parties which quickly became a hit among our friends. So after countless dim-sum brunches, and terrible foodie photos sent from all over the world to each other we thought we’d join forces to bring you the best of our foodie worlds. In recent times we’ve found ourselves playing a little bit of good-chef, bad-chef, and so we’re hoping to bring you our blog with that little twist, offering reviews and recipes that give you both the options of full-flavoured enjoyment, and health conscious eating.

The Grizzly Bear
Born into a Polish family I was brought up on my mothers freshly cooked wholesome meals, which kick started my love of food and cooking. The more people I’ve met and families I’ve come into contact with throughout my life, the more I’ve learnt about different varieties of food and different styles of cooking. From BBQ’d steaks to vegan terrines, I’m always open to trying and learning about new wholesome food.

My love of food has gone hand in hand with my passion for travelling, having tasted many of the amazing flavours this world has to offer. But even having travelled the world and tasting some of the most thrilling restaurant and home-cooked dishes, I’ve always found that there’s simply no better place to explore and enjoy food then in my home town of Perth, Australia… The city I love.

My love and appreciation of food didn’t truly begin until I was ten years old. My family spent a year in Provence (how clichéd!) and I was thrown headlong into a heady world of sights, scents, tastes and textures I’d never known possible. My aunts and uncles cooked “à la paysang” with fresh vegetables picked from their own fields and meat from their own (massive) backyards. Simple meals with few ingredients – and a whopping flavour that packed a punch unlike anything I’d ever experienced before. I missed it when I returned to Australia – but the experience never left me.

Come eighteen years old I left Perth to live in Avignon, then London, then Paris for a short while – and ten years on I can now say that my love of food has come full circle. My experience of food through travel and experimentation has left me non-discriminatory; be the cuisine vegetarian, vegan, meat-heavy or balanced and ‘omnivorous’, I like to say that one can tell many things about somebody by having them cook or prepare food for you – and I hope you will agree. Read (and eat) on!


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