The Office On Harrogate, West Leederville

Hipster paradise by day, trendy bar by night (Wed-Sun), when my office moved to West Leederville at the beginning of the year, my offices café was yet to be built and good coffee in the immediate area was limited to a few key cafes… one of those being The Office on Harrogate. Having now frequented The Office for meetings, coffee with my boss and dine-in lunches with colleagues over the past several months I feel as though I’m now truly able to gauge The Office.

The Office On Harrogate Quiche and Salad

Atmosphere: With somewhat limited competition in the immediate area, The Office on Harrogate seizes the opportunity to monopolise it’s hipster charm. The Office on Harrogate is a modern hipsters paradise with freshly squeezed juices served in mason jars, burgers served on wooden boards and a young energetic workforce behind the counter. It is small and trendy, with a range of indoors and outdoor seating options. In winter, the staff place heaters outside if required, so you can enjoy outdoor seating without getting uncomfortable. Due to it’s capacity The Office is not overly suitable for large groups over 10 or so, however I’m sure the friendly staff there would be more than happy to try any arrange something if asked.Salad Bpwl from The Office On Harrogate

Service: In my experience, the staff are always fresh and lively. They’re polite, charming and are great to have a quick chat with whilst ordering. On the rare occasion that I’ve not been first at the counter (usually due to a busy peak around morning tea/coffee time), the staff have always managed to serve the line of caffeine deprived office workers very efficiently and with a fun smile.The Office On Harrogate Burger

Food/Cost: Much like the staff the food at The Office is always fresh and lively. The specials board is always full with a great variety of lunch options from salads and quiches to wraps and burgers and the counter is always full of little snacks and treats to enjoy alongside a coffee. Whilst I’ve personally enjoyed the salads and quiches myself, whilst my colleagues have enjoyed the burgers, I most recently I jumped onto a $15 chili mussel lunch special and was beyond delighted. The sauce was thick with chili and garlic and the bread was thick, making it perfect was soaking up the last of the sauce. I couldn’t stop smiling (like a kid with a bowl of candy in front of her, according to my colleague) as I enjoyed each mussel, splashing the sauce all over myself, my face and the table. I liked my fingers clean and polished off every drop of scrumptious sauce with the bread. Needless to say I spent the better part of the following hour bragging about how great my lunch was. Whilst I was ravaging my chilli mussels a colleague was tucking into a Chicken Burger from the board with a Redbull for $20. The burger  had lashings of cranberry sauce and was generous on the brie cheese, which was the same burger experience he’d had with a beef burger just a couple weeks earlier. My colleague was smiling at his burger and I could help but feel like I’d won a mini lottery with my Friday afternoon lunch.

As for the coffee, I still continue to walk down to The Office regularly for my usual tasty medium take-away long black ($4.50) and a smile, even though my office has a café located under the building.20140725_133754

Summary: The Office knows it’s surrounds and makes the most of it’s location, selecting it’s food and setting it’s pricing for the office workers of the immediate area. It’s a trendy place that definitely follows the principle of quality first, whilst still being somewhere you can get a great feed at a great price, especially if you play your cards right. If you want to enjoy what The Office has to offer but are a little strapped on cash the best time to visit The Office would be on either a Wednesday night for $10 Lamb Shanks or Thursday night for $10 Chili Mussels. That way you can see what The Office has to offer at only the cost of a lunch wrap.

The Office on Harrogate on Urbanspoon

Nourishing Notes:
The Office On Harrogate makes it simple to satisfy everyone. It has plenty of full-flavour, satisfying, health conscious options (that I simply love) as well as plenty of the usual subjects, but with the Office’s flavoursome gourmet twist (which my carnivorous male colleague always adores).

– The Grizzly Bear


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