Who Is The Grizzly Bear – Perth?

After my short stint away from The Grizzly Bear Perth, I’ve come back refreshed and with a bit of a refreshed perspective on food blogging. So I thought it was time I told you a little about myself, so now you can not only get a taste of my reviews and foodie opinions, but you can get a little taste of girl behind those words.

I was asked these questions recently whilst registering myself as a food blogger on another website, and they seemed like a great way of showing you a little insight into who The Grizzly Bear – Perth (TGBP) really is.

Tell us about yourself and why you decided to start your blog.

1405663665916Back in early 2013 I had started a food blog which mostly comprised of recipes, until an incredible restaurant experience made me need to share my moment with the world. From that point on the blog very quickly became dominated by restaurant reviews, and the more I blogged the more I realised food was all I talked about. Not only was most of my income now being spent on groceries and eating out, but my friends were constantly asking me for restaurant recommendations and cooking recipes, so I figured, why just talk about it with my friends when I can write about it and share my knowledge and experiences with others people out there too. Because of this, I began to meet more of my local foodie community and found it so warm, welcoming and vibrant that I couldn’t help but get more involved.

Now in mid-2014, I hope to bring all my followers a blog where full of my own unique perspectives, flavours and twists on everything foodie, especially if it’s from Perth.

What does food mean to you?

It simple means family, friends and love.

Coco & The Grizzly Bear Square ProfileBorn into a Polish family I was brought up on my mother’s freshly cooked wholesome meals, which kick started my love of food and cooking. To this day my mum still show her love through her cooking, and has passed on this trait to me. Beyond my family I’ve been lucky enough to met a lot of people and families throughout my life, all of which have taught me a lot about about different varieties of food, flavours and cuisines. This has allowed me to expand my culinary knowledge as well as allowing me to explore and enjoy a lot of amazing and unique foods.

What would you eat for your last meal?

20140710_165956I’m so indecisive that I get the feeling I’d either have to flip a coin or have someone surprise me. However, I get the feeling it would look something along the lines of a pot of my mum’s barscz (Polish beetroot soup), an entire tray of vegetarian lasagne (cooked by my best friend) and an overly indulgent cheesecake (made by my best mate). Warm, comforting and super indulgent.

What’s your favourite Australian food city? Why?

Snapchat-20140703014451My love of food has gone hand in hand with my passion for travelling, which has allowed me to taste and enjoy many of the unique flavours this great world has to offer. But even having tasted some of the most thrilling home-cooked dishes as well as having eaten in some of the most amazing restaurants around the world, I’ve always found there’s simply no better place to explore and enjoy food then in my home town of Perth, Australia.


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