Renato and Enzo Hair, Fremantle

Having your hair cut and coloured at Renato and Enzo Hair is like having a true Italian expert shoemaker craft you a unique pair of boots. Each boot is tailored made just for you from the highest quality leather and with countless years of experience, intuition and creativity put into each tiny detail. I have been going to Renato and Enzo Hair in both Mosman Park and Fremantle for nearly 7 years now and I can honestly say I refuse to let anyone else lay a hand on my hair.

I visited the Fremantle salon this afternoon for a cut and colour with Renato. I had been feeling somewhat flat recently and was craving a bit of a hair change. I was a little early to my appointment, but even so, I was immediately seated and offered a coffee, which was very tasty. The first thing you notice when entering the Fremantle salon is its unique and rustic Fremantle inspired interior, which is fantastically juxtaposed with quality modern salon furniture. The open space and exposed walls let you know that you are in a one of a kind space, which is then similarly reflected in the service you receive.

Here you will not receive a stock-standard cut and colour, nor will you ever be made to feel like a number. The stylists take pride in taking the time to get to know you, your personality and your hair. They work with you to help you select the perfect hair colour and cut that not only fits your stylistic wants, but leaves you with hair that puts a smile on your face every day. Each step of the cut and colour process is explained thoroughly, reinforcing the stylist’s expertise and offering comfort to anyone who might fear a visit to the standard hairdresser.

Once I discussed with the stylist what I was after, which to be honest normally consists of me saying ‘you’re the expert, so you tell me’, he explained to me the ideas he had in mind for me. I was then taken through his colour recommendations in detail. Using a colour sample book, I was shown the colours he had in mind as well as explaining where they would be placed on my head and what the outcome of that would be. We had a lovely chat during the colour application, and during the conversation he once again explained to me the application process and the what he was trying to achieve with the colour.

Once the colouring was completed I was politely asked if I would like another coffee or tea and asked to sit back and relax for 30 minutes or so whilst the colour worked its magic. After my colour was ready I was seated to have my hair washed. What could have been a simple hair wash was turned into truly extraordinary experience. I was so relaxed during the wash that I nearly drifted off. As for the head massage I received as part of the service, it was simply stunning. Once my hair was washed and wrapped I was taken back to my seat for the cut. Once again I was talked through the whole processes, which I can imagine would prove invaluable to those who fear having their hair cut. Once my hair was dried, products were then specifically selected for my hair and explained to me prior to their application. With my hair now complete, I was shown the back of my hair in the mirror and my face immediately lit up. My hair had been revived, and I felt confident and ready to show it off to the world.

And even though I must be honest in saying that I don’t ask many questions any more due to my visiting frequency, I do know from past experience that any final questions about after-care and/or products or recommendation are thoroughly answered before you leave. And to top it all off, the quality, expertise and customer service you receive all comes in at a very competitive price when compared to other salons in the same market space.

Hair is a persons finest accessory as it is on display for everyone to see every day. With so many competitors in the market and with consumers becoming savvier and expecting more from their products and services, I highly recommend giving Renato and Enzo Hair a try. Their attention to detail, customised services and wonderful customer service set a high standard of quality I hope more salons in the industry will start to take note of and begin to strive for.


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