Ringfit Boxing & Fitness, Rivervale

When I first walked into Ringfit Boxing & Fitness a nervous mess, I never imagined just how hard I’d fall in love with the place. As a bit of a weight training fanatic, I was looking to shake up my usual fitness routine. A friend of mine had recently started talking about boxing, and being something I’d always wanted to try but never had the confidence to do, I started looking into local boxing gyms. When I started researching, I quickly noticed Ringfit had developed a stunning reputation, with people even claiming they’d switched gyms to Ringfit due to their positive experience and results.

I contacted the gym on Facebook saying that I was interested in trying boxing out for the first time but was extremely nervous, and they got back to me right away. They provided me with some information and told me I could call one of the owners/trainers Dan if I had any questions. Being as scared as I was, I put in the call. Dan not only answered all my questions, but offered me a great deal and told me that there was no need to worry because the trainers there would take care of me. The service I’d received from the get-go was so wonderful that I knew that if I was ever going to give boxing a go, this was going to be the time and place to do it.

Ringfit is located in Rivervale off Great Eastern Highway, making it a very convenient location to get to before or after work. I do however recommend first timers keep their eyes out as they approach as the building is located behind another business.

Looking into other gyms within similar offerings in Perth, the memberships and price options Ringfit offer are competitive within the market space. They also offer a great variety of memberships and a lot of first-timer deals and offers, so there’s an option to suit everyone from the casual to the daily regular.
In addition to the variety of memberships on offer, Ringfit offers a great variety of times and services including adult and kids boxing class, muay-thai classes, fighting fitness classes, bootcamps and personal training. The owners have truly done a great job in making sure there is something for everyone at their gym.

On my first day when I arrived I remember thinking, ‘what the hell am I getting myself into’, but when I walked in I was greeted quickly by one of the owners/trainers James who put my mind at ease got me ready for the boxing class. He was extremely attentive with me during my first session as I had told him I was nervous and didn’t have a clue what I was doing.

Once you meet the guys there can no doubt about it, these guys are seriously passionate about their business, their training and their clients. They live it, breathe it and practice what they preach. They’re personable, experienced and know exactly how to get the best results out of anyone who walks into their gym. And a side note for the ladies, they’re also pretty good looking fellas.

Whether you’re a girl or a guy, a kid or an adult, a first timer wanting to get fit or a professional fighter looking to sharpen your skills before your next fight, the guys at Ringfit will provide you with the expertise you need to not only reach but exceed your fitness goals. I honestly recommend giving Ringfit Boxing & Fitness a go. After all, I’m still going back!



The Almighty Burpee

Why Is The Burpee So Popular?

  1. It’s the ultimate, full-body, so anywhere, anytime exercise.
  2. Burpees can be easily incorporated into a typical run training program.
  3. You don’t need any equipment, just yourself and a fair amount of will power.
  4. You can pull them out anytime, during an ad break on tv, in the morning to wake up or at the end of a long work day to give you a little boost.
  5. They incorporate both cardio and strength training into one fluid movement and really are the ultimate work-out move in my opinion.

So What Do They Work Out?

  1. squats: works your quads, glutes, hamstrings
  2. plank: works your trapezius, rhomboids, and abs
  3. push-ups: work your pecs, triceps, deltoids
  4. jump: core (abs / erector muscles), glutes, calves

How To Do It Guide

Traditional Burpee

  1. Begin standing straight, looking forward.
  2. Squat with your hands on the floor in front of you.
  3. Kick your feet back to a plank position.
  4. Do a push-up. (If this is too hard skip this step… for now)
  5. Immediately return your feet to the squat position.
  6. Jump as high as you can from the squat position, clapping at the top –just because you can.

Too hard? No worries. How about trying a modified version?

Beginner Burpee.

  1. Squat down as much as you can.
  2. Place your hands on the ground in front of you, and then place your feet back behind you one at a time until you’re in the top part of a push-up position.
  3. Place your feet back forward one at a time, until your knees are beside your elbows and move into your original squat position.
  4. Stand.

Too easy? Too hard-core for the traditional burpee?

How about trying the box jump burpee or pull-up burpee?

Box Jump Burpee

Simply follow the steps of the traditional burpee however with the box jump burpee instead of jumping up and clapping your hands you jump onto and off a box.

Pull-Up Burpee

With a pull-up burpee you simply do a traditional burpee, but instead of jumping up and clapping your hands you jump into a pull-up.


Burpees are hard but they get your heart rate up, make you strong, don’t cost a dime and can be done anywhere. There are so many modified versions of the burpee for beginners to the most hard-core athletes meaning anyone can give them a go. If you push yourself and work on them for long enough you’ll soon find yourself working your way up from the simplest to the most pain staking burpees in no time.