Clam Shortbread Biscuits (Clammys)

Clam Shortbread Biscuits (Clammys)

Less than .50c per serve
Can be made the day before


Serving size: 10-12
Time: <45 minutes
Course: Dessert
Difficultly: Easy
(Great for dessert; or parties)


225g    Plain flour
115g    Rice flour
115g    Castor sugar
225g    Butter (salt reduced) – Room temperature

Icing (This will be trial and error & differ person to person)
~4 cups           Icing sugar 1.92
~200g              Butter (reduced/unsalted) – Room temperature
~1-2 Tbsp        Milk
~4 drops          Vanilla bean/Vanilla extract
~2 drops          Pink food colouring

100s & 1000s


  1. Preheat over on low heat 180°C (160°C fan-forced).
  2. Cover 2 trays with greaseproof baking paper.
  3. Mix plain flour, rice flour, castor sugar and butter in a bowl until dough is formed.
  4. Take a small portion of the dough and roll in your hand. The dough will soften as you roll it, so do this as quickly as possible. Place rolled ball onto tray. Do this until all the dough has been rolled into balls. Keep balls well-spaced as they will spread whilst cooking.
  5. Lightly flatten the balls with your fingers until they are 1cm thick and pop into the oven. Cook for ~15-17 minutes or until the cookies begin to brown ever so lightly.
  6. Whilst cookies are baking mix ~1.5 cups icing sugar, 100g butter, 2 drops of vanilla and pink food colouring. Mix until icing is spreadable (adding ingredients as necessary, icing sugar to thicken, milk to thin).
  7. Mix remaining icing sugar, butter and vanilla. Mix until icing is thick enough to roll into a ball (adding ingredients as necessary, icing sugar to thicken, milk to thin).
  8. Take out of the over and remove from hot tray to cool. Be gentle as they are still soft and will harden a little as they cool.
  9. Wait until cookies are cool, and icing the bottom of each with pink icing.
  10. Using the thick white icing, roll into small balls 5-10c in diameter. The icing will soften as you roll it, so do this as quickly as possible. Place the icing balls in the first third on top of the pink iced side on half of the cookies. Place the remaining cookies on top of the cookies with the white icing balls.
  11. Roll very small quantities of white icing (2 per clam) and place on top of the cookies to create eyes. Push 100s & thousands into the icing eyes for pupils.

Tips & Tricks
Substitute white icing balls ‘pearls’ with white candy
Make the night before, keep in an airtight container and serve the next day at a party.
For gluten free option try replacing plain flour with gluten free flour.


Stove-top Goulash Recipe

Stove-top Goulash 

<5 mins preparation 
≈2 hrs cooking time 
$3-$4.50 per serve *for cheaper option $2-$3 see Tips & Tricks 
Large quantity – can be eaten over a couple days 


Serving size: 8-10
Time: ≈2 hours
Course: Dinner
Difficultly: Easy
(Great for winter dinner; comfort food; eating over 2 days)


1.5kg diced beef *for cheaper option see Tips & Tricks
1 (800g) can tinned tomato
2 cups beef stock
1 green bell pepper/capsicum
1 red bell pepper/capsicum
1 large onion
3 garlic gloves
1 tablespoon butter
3 tablespoons olive oil
2 tablespoons paprika
1/2 teaspoon salt (to taste)
1 teaspoon pepper
1/2 teaspoon mixed Italian herbs
1/2 teaspoon thyme
1/2 teaspoon parsley
1 small dried chilli (to taste)
500g Spiral pasta or rice (to serve)
1/2 cup sour-cream or natural yogurt (optional)


  1. Add the olive oil and butter to a large pot and bring to medium-high heat. Add onions and sauté. Add garlic.
  2. Add meat and cook until well browned. Whilst meat is browning, chop bell peppers/capsicums roughly and add to pot.
  3. Add remaining ingredients (excluding sour cream/yogurt) and bring to a boil.
  4. Turn heat to medium-low and cover. Simmer for 30 minutes with lid on. Stir occasionally. Remove lid and continue simmering for a further 1.5 hours without the lid. Stir occasionally.
  5. Serve over rice or pasta.
  6. Stir in or serve on top sour cream/yogurt just before serving.

Tips & Tricks 
For cheaper option: Substitute 750grams of beef with potatoes.
Keeps well in the fridge, so you can eat over 2 nights.